5 Things I Learned This Year Which Made Life Better

We made the radical decision to do a “no gifts” Christmas this year.  Mostly because the thought of my Mum stressing about negotiating the shopping centres to find us a present was just really bothering me.  So, the only person in the family to receive presents this year was Xavier.  Technically it was his second Christmas but he could unwrap and play this year – way more fun.

Apart from the neighbour gifts – how did this EVER become a thing? and the gifts for the Homestay girls that was it!  Too easy and so much more relaxed.  Me of old would have been a little bit twisted about not receiving a gift.  Me of this year was very happy to enjoy a calm and relaxing Christmas  surrounded by family and share a special meal and some laughter without the gift swap requirement.

Another big discovery this year was this book.  Slow by Brooke McAlary *

Learned about Slow Living
See, irresistible!

I found it in a bookshop and had seen it promoted by a couple of other bloggers and grabbed it on an impulse.  Brooke’s philosophy is about living a slow, intentional and happy life and her book is filled with examples of how she is creating a life filled with what really matters.

Reading “Slow” led me to Brooke’s Slow Home Podcast.  A wonderful relaxed discussion with Brooke and her husband, Ben, about Slow Living in a Fast World.  Here’s the link in case you want to slow down too – https://slowyourhome.com/the-slow-home-podcast/

Podcasts became my new best friend and I have found many fantastic presenters to listen to.  I started with some of the most popular ones and then discovered Dan Harris’ 10% Happier.  Dan Harris is the American television anchor who had a panic attack on air which everyone saw on Youtube.  He re-calibrated his life and discovered meditation.  His 10% Happier podcast discusses all aspects of meditation from the perspective of someone who was a former fidgety skeptic.  Here is the link to the podcast – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/10-happier-with-dan-harris/id1087147821?mt=2.

Meditation used to be my thing  back in the day.  I even hosted a group meditation in my home every week.  Life has rocketed on and the only time I have used meditation is when I am stressed to the max and can’t sleep.  Dan Harris re-ignited my interest so I downloaded his FREE 10% Happier Meditation App. It’s great!  He has heaps of no-nonsense information along with guided meditations by people with easy to listen to voices.  So, if you want to be 10% happier, or 10% nicer or just less of a stressed out maniac, this may be helpful to you too.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/10-happier-guided-meditation/id992210239?mt=8

I am currently reading a book by Jack Canfield*  which i picked up after listening to him interviewed on (you guessed it) a podcast.  His message about having a dream really resonated with me.  He says that you cannot have a dream that you are not capable of achieving.  This makes me feel very excited about the future!

Learned about dreaing
The Power of Focus

What I learned:

  1. Christmas can be calm and fun and gifts are not important.
  2. How to slow down and enjoy the simple joys.
  3. Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn new things.
  4. Meditation makes me a little bit nicer.
  5. You cannot have a dream that your are not capable of achieving.

I would totally love to hear what you have learned this year – do tell!

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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