Simple Ploys to Beat Imposter Syndrome and Find Your Inner Wonder Woman

Have you ever experienced Imposter Syndrome?

That moment when you are called upon to speak to more than one person in the capacity of “expert” and your heart begins to palpitate and you doubt your own credibility.

I think I have suffered with this syndrome for most of my life and not just in relation to public speaking.  Being a Mother and trying to convince my kids that I knew what I was doing – yep totally faking it. Training the dog – pretending that I am the one in control.  That time that a Doctor recommended removing my daughter’s Gall Bladder – totally faked that she lion don’t mess with my kid attitude.

I was recently called at short notice to present a talk. There were about 70 people who would be attending the event and normally I have lots of notice so I have time to navigate my way past all the doubts and insecurities long before I have to speak.  The short notice situation sparked all sorts of really negative thinking about my ability to be the presenter.

My thoughts went wild – Will the audience be disappointed when it’s me rather than the advertised speaker?  Wish I had washed my hair this morning.  I am just an ordinary person, what I am I doing thinking I can do this presentation?  I don’t have any credibility at all.  Who would want to listen to me anyway?

I was reading this fabulous post from the wonderful Ladies over at the Champagne Cartel and it got me thinking about how we really do need to take control of our own minds and power through all the self doubts and limiting beliefs.  Their 7 tricks to make you feel like Wonder Woman are just fabulous.  After years of imposter sydnrome experience, I have three additional tricks to add to their list of seven.

Three more tricks:

  1.  Don’t bother to compare yourself with others.  I can remember reading a quote about being the best banana you can be but don’t try to be an apple (it was relevant because I had a fruit and vegetable business at the time).  Comparison is such a killer of self esteem and a big waste of mental energy.  Enjoy the awesomeness of others and accept your own unique awesomeness.
  2.  Keep walking – how much easier is it to give up and make excuses for not doing the scary things.  Just keep walking, you know, like Ghandi.  It’s amazing how the Universe will conspire to help you when you decide to just keep going.
  3. Go to give because it’s not always all about you.  Harsh yes, but true. Often your Wonder Woman efforts will be the difference for someone else who is struggling.  Be there, be present and do the thing with a heart for others.
Imposter Syndrome
Finding my inner Wonder Woman

As the Ladies from the Champagne Cartel say “We don’t get out of this gig alive” so we may as well live our best lives, love our time here and be the difference.


4 Replies to “Simple Ploys to Beat Imposter Syndrome and Find Your Inner Wonder Woman”

  1. This is all so true. It’s all too often we doubt ourselves and think we are not as smart-clever-fast enough as others.

  2. I’m like this. Working in academia which is such a hugely competitive and unhealthy environment, I pretty much doubt my ability everyday. It’s easy to say don’t compare yourself to others but in practice it’s almost impossible! I wish I was better at doing that.

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