Books, Movies & Baking January 2018

Welcome to my first roundup of books, movies and baking for 2018.
I started the year off smashingly by absolutely binge watching The Crown on Netflix.  My arrival to this Crown party has been a little late – I missed the launch of Series 1 and it was only when the 2nd Series was launching that my curiosity was roused.  I didn’t even have a connection to Netflix – I know right! What planet am I on.


The Crown is frighteningly addictive and despite telling myself that I would only watch one episode, I morphed into a weak and spineless creature gorging and guzzling one episode after the other.  I blame Netflix for feeding my addiction – you only get 9 seconds warning that the next one is about to commence.  It takes me at least that long to get off my couch!   Claire Foy is just stunning as the young Queen Elizabeth and John Lithgow is impressive as Winston Churchill.  I cannot wait for the next series!  Series 1 is available on DVD now

DVD Cover The Crown Season 1
The Crown Season 1 DVD

*You can buy it here.  You have been warned remember.

Jeff & I really haven’t done our best possible during January as far as date nights and movies go.  We have to lift our game or our marriage is doomed.  We did go and see Star Wars VIII – The Last Jedi on New Years Eve.  Star Wars was the first movie we saw together when we dated for two minutes prior to committing to one another for all  eternity.  I felt sad seeing Carrie Fisher – she looked so great as Princess Leia.  The critics reviews of the movie are so extreme with some saying it’s the worst Star Wars movie ever and others saying it’s the best.  Jeff & I enjoyed it, didn’t fall asleep and ate all the chocolate we smuggled in past security.


My book game has been strong so far this year.  My determination to be knee pain free has led me down a path of discovery to Katy Bowman.  Katy is a Biomechanist and has written 8 books about movement. Her philosophy is to make sure that our feet are healthy and strong.  Her books have really opened my eyes to my movement habits and I have been able to make some simple corrections to help reduce pain.  So far I have read these two:
Book Whole Body Barefoot by Katy Bowman
Whole Body Barefoot by Katy Bowman

*You can buy Whole Body Barefoot  here 

Book Dynamic Aging by Katy Bowman
Dynamic Ageing by Katy Bowman

*You can buy Dynamic Ageing here

Gretchen Rubin wrote The Happiness Project back in 2009 and although I really enjoy her podcast “Happier” I had not read her book.  I ordered it in at my local library and when I went to collect it discovered that I had accidentally ordered  the Audio Book.  Best mistake ever.  Venus (my Homestay Student) and I have been driving around listening to Gretchen reading the book to us.  Gretchen is obviously incredibly self disciplined.  It’s a lovely and inspiring book with simple truths about relationships and making happiness a choice.
Book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
*You can buy the book here.


January has been filled with celebrations and the opportunity to do lots and lots of baking – my favourite thing!  My lovely Dad turned 80 and we had the best celebration at The Epicurean at the Crown Towers in Perth.  Look how young and strong he looks.

A photograph of my Dad
My Dad
 I remember when he was 34 and he seemed like Superman to me.  My Dad reads more books than anyone else I know so we gave him a book for his birthday.  One that we wrote.  It was a lovely compilation of photographs and messages from people who love him.  He cried when we gave it to him – that means he loves it.  My Dad’s a crier.


This month I have been experimenting with recipe’s from the Donna Hay magazine.  They’re always so lovely.  I made these:
Lime Biscuits (except I used lemon)
Picture of Mini Pavlova's with Lemon Curd
Mini Pavlova with Lemon Curd
Recipe’s are in this edition – still available from her website. not affiliate 

All lemon’s came from my Mum & Dad’s awesome tree.

This month I am implementing some of Gretchen’s tracking sheets (I like gold stars too) and am committing to walking every single day and might even experiment with a week of nice – read might!  Day 2 and all good so far.

Wishing you a happy February.

With Love

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  1. Introduced Constance to the Crown. Netflix gorging. Watch “Victoria “

    1. It’s such a trap Anita. My Mum was totally hooked, in my defence, I did warn her. Watched Victoria too plus all the Royal Family doco’s and googled every event to fact check The Crown.

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