How to Celebrate Chocolate Fondue Day

Happy Chocolate Fondue Day!

Yesterday I discovered that there is a whole calendar of annual “Fun Days”.   We can celebrate Be Humble Day, Random Act of Kindness Day and of course, the big one, International Dog Biscuit Day.  Today however, we are totally committing to Chocolate Fondue Day!

History of Fondue

I have been doing research on the history of the Fondue and have discovered that the original fondue was invented by Swiss peasants in the 1600’s who were looking at ways to use up their stocks of  stale winter foods.  They mixed old cheese and old wine, melted it in a pot and dipped their old dry bread into the melty mixture.

The cheese industry bought Fondue to fame in the 1930’s by calling it the Swiss National Dish.  Their hidden agenda was obviously to increase cheese consumption – very clever.

Chocolate Fondue was created by Konrad Egli who owned Chalet Suisse Restaurant in New York.  He invented Chocolate Fondue in the mid 1960’s as part of a promotion for Toblerone chocolate.

How to Make Chocolate Fondue

Ingredients to serve 4 people:

200gm Chocolate

1/3 cup pouring cream

Assorted fruit and sweet treats for dipping – marshmallows, strawberries, cubes of cake, banana, honeycomb (let your imagination go wild)


Melt the chocolate and cream together either in the bowl of your fondue pot or in the microwave.  Place over the fondue warmer and serve with assorted items for dipping.

Chocolate Fondue
Fresh Figs, Banana and Chocolate Maple Cake

Ideally, you should use really good quality chocolate, but that’s the beautiful thing about fondue – you can throw in any old chocolate!  You just need a Fondue Set, chocolate, cream and fruit.  We threw a little dash of  Grand Marnier liqueur into ours for good measure too.

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Fondue Protocol

  1. never wear flowing sleeves when eating fondue
  2. no double dipping
  3. remove your dipped fruit/cake from the fondue fork onto another fork to eat
  4. never eat from the fondue fork (no touching the fork to your lips or tongue)

Fondue Fun

In some families, fondue comes with it’s own unique set of rules.  For example, if you lose your fruit/cake in the fondue bowl you may have to kiss everyone in the room or wear a crazy hat.

Chocolate Fondue
Venus enjoying her first Chocolate Fondue Experience

Fondue Occasions

Although an iconic 1960’s dish, Chocolate fondue is timeless.  It’s a perfect ending to romantic dinners.  You can gaze lovingly into your lovers eyes as you dip your strawberry into the chocolate – quite seductive don’t you think?  Also perfect for kids birthdays as it makes a big occasion out of a small amount of hot chocolate.  Chocolate Fondue is a great alternative to a traditional afternoon tea too.

So, I hope you enjoy Chocolate Fondue Day.

With Love



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