Christmas Tree Travel Adventures

Our Christmas Tree has become a lovely reminder of travel adventures and special people.

In the beginning, Jeff and I experienced a culture clash over the Christmas tree.

Jeff stood firmly in the real pine tree cut down and shoved in a pot camp.

I wanted to unleash my creative spirit and argued for something unique and a little crazy each year.

For several years there was disharmony over the Christmas Tree. A sad state of affairs considering joy to the world and all that.

So, we compromised and bought a two metre pine look-alike to assemble each Christmas. I planned to adorn it with only angels. Angels of all kinds, plus lights. Peace on Earth!

We are blessed to get the opportunity to travel and in each city we visit we look for a Christmas Tree Decoration. Our tree has become like a travel journal.

Each year when we put up our tree, the decorations remind us of places we have been.

Last year, Angela who stayed with us from Hong Kong, took enormous pleasure in decorating our tree. She added a Pineapple Bun decoration from her city. Angela studied Marketing at the University of WA and did everything with flair and passion.

This year, our tree was installed and decorated by Ziye, Iris and Addie from China. Ziye has been with us since February and Iris since July.  They were fascinated to see the Cloisonne Panda from Beijing and to hear about our experiences and what we ate in China.


Now we have added a new tradition. With the birth of our first Grandchild this year, Chloe and Joel presented us with a customised decoration for Xavier William’s first Christmas. So much Love!


I wonder how many Grandchild first Christmases we will celebrate.

How wonderful, how blessed.


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