Hosting International Students – Why Would They Stay at Your Place

Our house is ridiculously quiet because both of our international students have travelled home for the holidays.  It takes a little getting used to living at a different pace.

The girls that we host add so much vibrancy and energy to our home and it feels strange to have an empty house.  Sundae, our Cocker Spaniel went into grief mode the moment she saw the suitcases being packed.

International Students leaving for the holidays
Sundae “Please don’t go”

Why Homestay?

Before they left, I asked the girls some questions about why they chose Homestay for themselves rather than sharing a home with friends or living in one of the University accommodation options.

Their answers surprised me because I thought that it would be way more appealing to stay with a bunch of friends with all the fun, independence and freedom that would offer a student.   The courage and thoughtfulness of the young women we have hosted is always very evident.  These are intelligent and resourceful girls who would all be quite capable of setting up their own apartments and navigating their own study journey but they choose homestay for some very specific reasons.

Five Main Reasons:

  1. I don’t want to be lonely
  2. I want to experience family life in Australia
  3. I want to learn more about the culture of Australia
  4. I want a mentor who will help me with my studies
  5. I want to feel safe and secure

Food and Menu Planning

Surprisingly, good food was not the first item on the list, and although not the number one priority, healthy fresh food is quite important.  I have  heard stories about students who have left homestay because the food was not nice or that the Host would not allow the student to cook any food at home.  The first student I hosted was the gorgeous Angela from Hong Kong.  I am sure that she should be a food blogger. Angela’s passion for cooking and creating good food meant that she was super involved in choosing recipe’s and helping to prepare meals. Angela took pictures of every meal she had in Australia.   Maria from Italy  absolutely loves to cook.  Maria’s father is a chef from Calabria so she grew up around the food industry.  Maria made the best Lasagna and pasta I have ever tasted and she whipped my kitchen into shape in no time!!
International Students and cooking
Maria from Calabria cooking up one of her signature Lasagna’s
Getting the menu sorted, organised and simplified has made meals easier for me and I have been working with my friend, Chef Anita, who has added some lovely, tasty recipe’s to the blog here.  Remember to join our email list so that you know when our ebook launches!
International students food
Our version of an Aussie Roast – includes Jeff’s Yorkshire Pudding

What We Offer International Students

As Homestay Hosts we offer a unique view into life in Australia. This is something that is of huge appeal to students.  For most international students, English is a second language, so the opportunity to spend time around an English speaking family is of  value.

Many students arrive in Australia and stay in their arranged Homestay for the first month and then choose to leave and go into share housing or make other arrangements.  Some institutions require that students have one month of Homestay booked in order to enrol.  Obviously, there will be some who leave simply because they were meeting that requirement rather than seeking out Homestay.  However some leave due to unmet expectations or disappointing experiences.

We provide our  new Homestay students with a list of Welcome notes so that they understand how our house operates.  Our aim is to make sure each guest feels confident and comfortable so we call them Welcome Notes rather than rules.

CLICK HERE to download our Welcome Notes sample

Hidden Content

Hosting is a surprising package and we provide something very unique to the students who decide to stay in Homestay.  They fill our home with fun and laughter.  We have the privilege of supporting young people as they discover their strengths and overcome challenges.

You can read more about our Homestay experience here.

For more information about becoming a Homestay Host you can contact Australian Homestay Network

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  1. I should send my Mum a link to this post! She is recently suffering from ‘Empty Nest’ syndrome now that my youngest Sister has moved out of home. I feel like she could really benefit from an experience like this – and may even get addicted to it! A great insight into what the experience can provide for both the hosts, and the students themselves.

    Felicia //

    1. I found my empty nest quite depressing. Hosting has been wonderful and just gives you that sense of contributing. I would highly recommend it Felicia.

  2. Definitely a good experience makes things easier. I know, I’ve been there too. To you Debra, Thank you for helping these young girls. You are simply contributing positively to their world.

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