How Resilient Are You and Do You Feel Secure With Change?

There is a turn in the tide. Can you feel it?

I have felt this before. It starts in subtle ways – you feel it in your gut. Something doesn’t feel quite right.

This is the moment when some become warriors and some become victims. And…’s a choice.

I have spoken to several women over the past few weeks who have been caught up in career change beyond their control. All wonderful, experienced women who add value to others now feeling powerless and discarded and they are angry.

A shift in the economy means that change is inevitable. There are many redundancy’s and that other tricky measure where people get shunted sideways into positions they neither wanted nor are qualified for.

Everything can change in a heartbeat. Technology, change in Government, change in management, a new system, downsizing, new thinking can mean that roles become obsolete or change beyond recognition.

This is the time to be resilient.

I started my career in the Banking industry. It was an industry dominated by male managers and the computers were housed in an airlocked room taking up an entire floor of the city head office building.

My first job description was Batch Clerk and I manually processed every deposit made each day and wrapped and bagged all the documents ready to be sent to the data processing centre.

Next, I worked in the position of Ledger Clerk. This involved opening and closing bank accounts, processing dishonoured cheques along with being the extra Teller when the bank was busy. I also trained the young men who were appointed to the branch.

It was me training the new male appointee and then he would be promoted. This would happen over and over and the men would progress through the promotional program and I would remain the Ledger Clerk.

I remember feeling so angry at the unfairness of it that I wanted to scream. I felt sickened and stressed so I decided to request a transfer to another branch – the request had to be signed and supported by my branch manager.

That request went into the rubbish bin.

So I resigned and completely changed my career direction. I felt empowered and free because I had chosen.

It would have been easier to console myself with the fact that I had a job which was paying me money. Or that there was a limit to how far I could go in the bank anyway. Or that I wasn’t really that good at my job so didn’t deserve a promotion. Or that this was the only job I knew. A million reasons to sell myself out and stay.

This happened a long, long time ago. It set a framework for me to be a seeker and to think outside the square.

Resilience is the key.

Being solution oriented means that we are empowered to choose.

In every situation where I have that gut feeling that things are not quite right or that this will not end well I always come back to the basic thought “this is solvable” – even if I have no idea how. What I do know is that this thinking changes my reaction to any situation. I am not a victim. I am in control because this is solvable.

When we make the choice, we own it.

As women march through the streets to stand up for basic human rights, this is the time for resilience. This is a time to find our own power and model to the next generation that we have kindness and compassion and we will not be victims.

Time to be resilient
women march through the streets to stand up for basic human rights

Face change. Choose the direction. Choose to stay. Choose to go. But choose.

Choose to Love your life.

These books have been very helpful to me as I have navigated change:

Who Moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson

The Resiliency Advantage by Al Siebert, PhD

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14 Replies to “How Resilient Are You and Do You Feel Secure With Change?”

  1. I love this! I recently quit my job and am now feeling a bit lost. I decided I needed to out my mental health before anything else but now trying to find another job after having done the same thing since high school is a little daunting. Thanks for sharing this x

  2. I am loving this! Resilient has been a word often used to describe my approach on life and it has helped me navigate several different situations. Most recently, was my decision to leave my old job because I was too burnt out and unappreciated to be 26 but excelling at my roll. I struggled so much so with my decision that I almost considered going back to my boss and asking for a consulting job. I’m so thankful to know that I’m not the only who has been in this place. I think we have to encourage people to move forward because this is where we often see huge changes in our life.

  3. Sad to see women being treated that way everywhere in the world. But, you rocked with your decision. A great message!
    Even I loved the book ‘Who moved my cheese?’

  4. I love the feeling of making a move and walking. Life is too short to be bullied and left behind in the workplace. You can’t leave your future in someone else’s hands.

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