How to Support Your Blogging Friends

Did you know that blogs started appearing in Australia as early as 2002? Often built on cumbersome platforms with dial-up internet, the pioneer bloggers needed to know how to write code to build their websites.  I am a newbie to the World of Blogging and I am very impressed with the amazing people who operate in this unique industry.  My gorgeous friends and family are super supportive of my blogging endeavours but I am finding very few people know how to support and exactly what that support really means to a blogger.

Blogging is a unique industry.  Far removed from conventional business or jobs, it sits amongst the “disruptors”.   Most bloggers work from home creating content in their spare time. Some blog about their passion subject, contributing help and advice to those who share an interest and have no intention of ever developing an income.  Others are very serious about income creation and share wonderful content which is hugely helpful and can be life changing for their readers.

How do Blogs make money

There are a number of different Business Models.  Many blogs don’t make any money or make just enough to pay for web hosting and running costs. Those who are producing an income usually have layered income sources – affiliate links, sponsored posts, advertising space on the website or become brand ambassadors.  Some provide courses or services which can be subscribed to while others create products which can be purchased online. The range of incomes earned are from zero to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.  Some bloggers document and post income reports – transparency is very common.

Affiliate links.

Bloggers will often recommend products they like and believe their readers will get value from.  Many brands offer the chance to become an affiliate. This means that when you click a link from a blog post and purchase through the affiliate retailer, the blog will earn a small commission for sending you to their store.  It does not cost you more, and often the blogger will link a product which is discounted.  Affiliate links  appear in the sidebar as clickable advertising which will take you to the online store.  The other place you will see affiliate links is in the text of a post where a product recommendation is detailed.  When affiliate links are included in a post there will be a note at the bottom of the page or included in the blog terms & conditions.  When I purchase items online, I click through from the page of my favourite bloggers so that they earn some commission from my purchase.

How you can support your blog buddies:

Subscribe to the Blog
Brands pay bloggers based on the number of people who subscribe to the blog, as well as how many people follow them on social media.  The bottom line is that your subscription increases the value of the blog to potential advertisers.  By subscribing you validate that you like what you read and you want to receive new posts and newsletters by email.  You should probably sign up for my newsletter right now!

Comment and Like

Brands also take into account the number of comments a blogger receives. Comments are key because they indicate whether a blogger has an engaged community of readers and confirms that people are interested in what they have to say.
Did you know that bloggers read every single comment? (and most personally answer each).  Comments are the only feedback in the silent void of the internet vortex once a post is published.  Bloggers want to add value, they want to be helpful.  If you enjoyed their post – tell them and add to the conversation.  Your comments and feedback can drive the direction of the blog too, so tell them what you are interested in.

Share and recommend

Have you noticed that blogs all have Social Media share buttons?  Most also have Facebook pages where they promote their latest posts.  Every time you share their content you expand their reach.   If you find a blogger that you love – tell everyone.  Share their content, tag people you think will like their posts and get the word out.

Bloggers produce great products

The nature of blogging and the relationships bloggers have with their online community means that bloggers produce some very cool products.  These may be books, courses, printables, guides or ebooks.  Others create online stores filled with great products which they curate based on what they know will be great for their readers.  Buy their stuff!  Your purchase helps to pay for their web hosting costs.
Many startup bloggers produce amazing free products – especially printables. The reason they produce these is so that you will subscribe to their blog. There are many voices online and a lot of them are really loud,  So competition for your attention is fierce.  That’s why the freebies that bloggers produce are very high quality and very usable.
There are some wonderful Australian bloggers providing heaps of helpful information, resources or down to Earth advice.

Here are a few of my favourite awesome Australian blogs:

Crochet Coach – Carly Jacobs is a crochet ninja and runs an online course to teach people how to crochet.  She designs unique pieces and has produced a fabulous yarn guide which you can download.
Styling You – Brisbane based Nikki Parkinson is one of Australia’s most awarded bloggers.  Nikki runs a personal styling blog and her own Styling You online shop.  Nikki helps people unlock their personal style, has written a book, an ebook and runs a course to help you create a wardrobe which works for you.
BabyMac –  Beth McDonald runs a lifestyle blog from the Southern Highlands in NSW.  She is a pre Facebook Blogger and began blogging 11 years ago.  She is, quite simply, an inspiration!  Filling her blog with lifestyle tips, recipe’s and updates on life stages of her precious family

Here are some interesting new blogs:

The Beauty and the Geek – Felicia has only been blogging for about a year. She is a PHD student and forensic biologist with a passion for beauty products.  This is the go to site if you want to know the facts about the latest beauty products on the market and what the key ingredients actually do.
Champagne & Gumboots – Stacey is a Gluten intolerant baker who has made it her mission to create GF recipe’s for all the Australian classics.

Do you have a favourite blog?  Give them a shout out in the comments.

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    I would also add – if you like a blog / FB page / Instagram account, check back in on a regular basis to see what has been posted. Due to the ever-changing FB and IG rules, followers and likers don’t necessarily see every new post Engagement is key – so make a point to check back in with your friends’ accounts regularly and like / share away!

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