How to do Valentine’s Day Your Way

The Calendar rolls around again to February 14th and the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day begins. For Australian’s, the focus of Valentine’s Day is romantic love.  For some it’s a day of fun and excitement and  for others it’s a day of exclusion or disappointment.

Valentine’s Day has not always been a happy day for me so I have made a conscious choice to make the day another opportunity to have fun and be happy.

My experience with the Valentine’s Day disappointment began when I was 18 years old.  I was working in a bank with lots of other young women who were all buzzing with expectation about the gifts they were going to receive.  As the day progressed, the floral deliveries arrived and one by one each received their Valentine gift and romantic card.  Everyone except me.  Boyfriend fail!  I felt embarrassed and let down.  Even the “elderly” 30 plus married women received flowers!

I am grateful to have a lovely man in my life.  He holds the strong opinion that Valentine’s Day is just a marketing opportunity and he chooses not to participate.  In saying that, he did participate once – during our very short dating period he sent me a dozen red roses.  In that instance, he was using the marketing potential of Valentine’s Day to his own advantage.  Well played!

In my quest to live happy now, I have made the decision to make full use of every “celebration opportunity” to plan some fun, make people happy and, as a result, make myself happy too.

Has anyone told you today how awesome you are?


Regardless of relationship status or partner co-operation, I have suggestions for making Valentine happiness happen.

How to make Valentine’s day happy for you:

  1. simply ignore the whole thing altogether – this is, after all, a non compulsory event
  2. order yourself a very nice present – you can purchase that right here
  3. plan a nice meal, dinner, cocktail party or whip up a fondue
  4. bake or buy a valentine themed cake – here is a great recipe
  5. order your own valentine’s delivery – this is the best one

Five Movie Suggestions:

The Notebook
Love Actually
My Best Friends Wedding
When Harry Met Sally
Going on 30

Fun Video Clips to make you smile:


And Finally – Ella…


I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and hope you make it fun – just because you can!



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Header Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

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